Trusted Adults

Who is a Trusted Adult?

Conversations about sex can be difficult. They can be awkward and uncomfortable. For a young person, having a trusted, reliable person to talk to about sex, sexuality, and sexual health is important because having access to the information and the support they need will help them develop into sexually healthy adults. Trusted Adults encourage sex positivity, an attitude that celebrates sexuality as an enhancing part of life that brings happiness, energy, and celebration. Sex-positive approaches strive to achieve ideal experiences, rather than solely working to prevent negative experiences.

A Trusted Adult:

  • Uses their MIND. They know that the conversation might be awkward, but it’s important. They seek accurate information to prepare for conversations.
  • Listens with their EARS. They listen actively and use subtle cues to let a young person know they’re being heard and respected.
  • Minds their MOUTH. They are honest, sex positive, and speak without judgment.
  • Leads with their HEART. They care about a young person’s well-being.
  • Thinks about their BODY LANGUAGE. They show an openness to conversation and relating to a young person on their level.

Are you a Trusted Adult that needs help approaching conversations about sex? Or are you a young person looking for ways to help your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, teachers, coaches, or counselors “break the ice”?

Download the Trusted Adult Discussion Guide here. Get the conversations started today.


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