Defining Me

Who am I? Who am I attracted to? How do I see myself?

If any of these questions sound familiar, you’re not alone. When everything is changing so quickly—your body, your feelings, your friendships, and your attractions—sexuality can be a tricky subject. How can you know what’s what?

The truth is … there’s no right answer. Some people know what labels represent them, sometimes people change their minds, some people ask why we even need labels in the first place, and many of us are still figuring it out. Defining yourself can be a lifelong process, and that’s OK.


So, what is sexuality anyway?

Sexuality is not just about having sex. It’s about how your biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationships, gender presentation, and gender expression make up who you are.

Check out the graphic below on the spectrum of identity, orientation, and more, adapted from The Trevor Project.


How do I know what my sexuality is?

Explore what makes you feel right. Have fun and be kind to yourself in the process. And remember, you can always ask a trusted adult for help.


Ready to talk about it? 

If you’re considering talking to someone about your sexual orientation, gender identity, or how you define yourself here are some tools to help start the conversation.


Where can I find more resources in DC?

DC is home to many organizations that provide support to LGBTQIA, intersex, and asexual youth. Go to our DC Health Finder to discover them. Also, check out our Speak Up page to learn more about your rights, including the DC ID laws.